About us

We are a dynamic accountancy firm mainly focused on small and medium-sized businesses, both in the profit and non-profit sector, but we also provide support to large international companies based in the Netherlands. The board of Lakarsk consists of Steven Karskens, AA accountant and Jeroen Lakerveld, AA Accountant. Both the board and a large number of employees have gained experience in one of the Big 4 offices. Our professional team can help you and your company to comply with regulations and advise you where necessary or desired.

You can contact us, inter alia, for compiling your financial statements, file preparation and assistance with audits of financial statements, taking care of your financial administration and tax returns, as well as tax and legal advice. We also second financial employees on a temporary basis.

We do everything in our power to guarantee the quality of our services. We work under strict quality systems and are tested by external parties including the Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA).

At Lakarsk, lines of communication are short, decision-making is efficient and our terms and conditions fit in well with the type of clients we serve. Clients like to visit us at our office; the atmosphere is quite accessible.

  • Steven Karskens

    Steven Karskens, AA Accountant

    As an accountant, I have extensive experience in assisting entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized businesses, the legal profession and foundations. I like to help entrepreneurs and directors to clarify their current financial and tax position! I am client focused and you can count on a proactive attitude and personal attention.

  • Jeroen Lakerveld

    Jeroen Lakerveld, AA ACCOUNTANT

    After my training in Accountancy and Fiscal Economics, I started my career in 2000 at one of the larger accountancy firms. I worked there for 12.5 years in a practice focused on small and medium-sized businesses, where I both audited and compiled financial statements.

    At the beginning of 2013, I joined Lakarsk to manage the company together with my former colleague Steven.

    My strength lies in the fact that I am constantly looking for opportunities to provide added value for our clients. Thanks to my many years of experience at many types of companies, I am well prepared to support clients in their entrepreneurship journey.

    In addition to serving clients from the small and medium-sized business sector, I am involved as an accountant in a number of large international structures. Together with a number of colleagues we have now created a centre of expertise within Lakarsk for this type of client.